Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for help with our documentary film, in the form of additional volunteers. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a part of our documentary film please share this post with them. If they want to volunteer something other than what is listed below, I welcome a more in-depth conversation. Feel free to connect via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, phone (919.229.9357), etc. with ideas or support.

Those interested in these positions should be ready to learn about the Montagnard-Special Forces story, be committed to the project, and work directly with me on a daily/weekly basis as required. We understand that circumstances change over time, but seek people committed to the project's success to the end. We hope to have the project finished in the coming months, and seek the following support in order to help it move along faster.

Currently, we are seeking the following:
  • Video Editor(s)
    We're looking for support from people who know how to shape a documentary story using Final Cut Pro on a Mac platform. Matt and I are currently editing the story, but in order to speed up this process I need the help of additional video editors. This person either has their own equipment, or is willing to use the equipment we have available. Someone who can work 4-6 days a week would be ideal.

  • Production Assistant
    The project has grown a great deal since it started in March 2008. To help manage all of the details, I'm looking for the support of a production assistant who will partner with me to keep things moving forward. This person must be reliable, trust worthy, attentive to details, obnoxiously organized, a self-starter, and ridiculously motivated. The volunteer position would presently require only a few hours a week with a set schedule and list of tasks; however, as the film nears completion, the production assistant may gain additional opportunities (coordinating screenings and Q&A sessions, for example).

  • Communications Coordinator
    We are currently in post-production, but when the film gets closer to wrapping I will need the support of someone well versed in coordinating all communications efforts: writing press releases, talking to the media, creating fact sheets, making phone calls, answering phone calls, etc. This person is the ultimate diplomat, has unbelievably great etiquette in person and on the phone, enjoys writing/editing, responds to inquiries in a timely manner, isn't afraid to make cold calls, and wants experience working with the news media. We will start working together now, in preparation for the completion of the film. At that time, the level of time required for this volunteer position may grow.

  • Social Media Assistant(s)
    Someone equally fascinated with the world of social media is ideal for this position. They think about Twitter, Facebook, blogging, RSS feeds, SEO, link building, and more all the time. This person really understands the power of social media, but is also a savvy writer. They know the rules of the game, seek a chance to practice what they've learned, and want to share what they know about social media with certain members of my cast/crew. Analytics and measurable results excite this person, and they want to report these figures to me on a regular basis because they are thrilled with the work.
If you have any questions about any of the previously mentioned volunteer positions, please let me know. We are growing the team, and want to work with only the best. It's an unpaid gig right now, but will most assuredly lead to big opportunities down the road. This ain't the only film we'll be makin'. ;)

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