Sunday, December 13, 2009

Super 8 Kodachrome Film

Now that we have almost all the scanning of 35mm images and prints completed, we're moving on to the archived Super 8 film. Surry supplied me with about 18 rolls of film, many of which are labeled as footage taken during his time in Vietnam.

I've been reading about the process by which you digitize the film online, and think we might be able to do it ourselves--although I confess it makes me a little nervous because we could potentially ruin some of the film just by handling it. We could take the film to a place that does this for us, but with 18 rolls of film, I believe that process will not serve us well. We would have invested in digitizing film that may never make it into the final movie, and some of it may not even be related to the project. So instead we hope to watch the film, then digitize it, and select the clips we want before investing time and resources that could be wasted.

We've ordered new projector bulbs and will hopefully be able to view the footage very soon. I'm anxious to go through the rolls of film, as I think they will lend a great deal to the movie. Once we find the clips we want, we'll focus on digitizing those clips. It'll certainly be a process, but one I am looking forward to completing because I know it will be critical in telling the story of the Mongtagnards and their relationship to the Special Forces.

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