Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transfers Complete!

Today is one of sheer joy, my friends!  This week marks a HUGE milestone in the production of Abandoned Allies.  We have just completed the transfer of the Super 8 footage!  We started the quest to do this transfer more than two years ago, and it has been one wild ride. 

This week, thanks to the help of Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks, we now have the Super 8 footage digitized and ready to be added to the film.  This is no small accomplishment, and I'm quickly learning the true depth of Skip's expertise in film and film transfers.  The photo above shows my hand holding the film as it transfers, a trick Skip used to keep it from jumping.

More information on this update will come soon.  I just couldn't contain my excitement and gratitude.  There are soooo many people who have helped make this possible.  If you want to read up on the past adventures, here are some previous blog posts: