Friday, February 24, 2012

The End in Sight?

Is it possible? Are we finally finishing this film? I think so!

Next week I have plans to burn a DVD of the film, with the help of a friend. This weekend my motion graphics guys are going to send me the final piece for inclusion in the film. With those two things taking shape, I'm getting optimistic that we can then start submitting the film to festivals immediately afterwards.

That means--drum roll please--we might be able to finally start scheduling more public screenings. Oh happy day! Dare I get too excited ... Something else might go wrong between now and then, eh?

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Troubles with Compressor

By some miracle my new iMac is running FCP again. I unplugged it, let it rest for a minute, then plugged it back in--based on what the guys in the Crabtree Apple store recommended. Well, it worked! I've run FCP on my iMac for a few days and it's worked beautifully.

The render time in FCP on this new iMac is sick. I mean sick. It's so fast it blows my mind. I love it! Working on the film these past few days has been exciting. The huge screen, better mouse, faster rendering ... it's delightful.

Yet, there's more bad news. I finally made all of the most recent changes and now I can't export from FCP using Compressor. It says I need to restart each time I try to run the program.

So frustrating. Back to square one again.

In the meantime, a friend has graciously offered to help with the DVD so I can send the film to a few key folks. I'm very excited about that. Now I have to get the iMac fixed again, and/or find another way to get this film on DVD from this computer.

More to come. Here's hoping future posts are full of better news, eh?