Saturday, April 25, 2009


Our film has so many universal themes, something that really excites me.  The more I work on this film, the more I realize how many themes there are:
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Promise
  • Sacrifice
  • War
  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Pride
  • Integrity
  • Brotherhood
  • Fear
  • Conspiracy
  • Freedom
It's easy to say that one has wept.  It's a much different thing to find yourself weeping while reading and writing a screenplay.  It is truly a labor of love, and one I hope to finish very soon so that I can move straight into editing.  The pressure I'm putting on myself to get this finished as soon as possible is both helpful and incredibly painful.  It's a part of me every day.

My team is waiting on me.  The army of volunteers (film editors, writers, marketers, designers, musicians, talent managers, animators...the list goes on) is waiting for my signal.  They are talented and reliable, and I am so excited to be given the chance to work with them.  I hope that this work will bring them more work, and a financial reward for their dedication to their craft.  I cannot wait to celebrate them, and the rest of the cast--people that have so willlingly dedicated their time without asking anything in return.

It's an undeniable fact that working on this particular film is giving me the foundation for making many other films great.  The lessons I am learning from our country's heroes (American's and our allies) are helping shape me into a better leader.  This experience is fundamentaly altering me in ways I had not anticipated.  It feels as if every step of my life has led to this point, and now is the time to make it all work.  It's time to do what I promised I would do.  It's time to finish what was started.

This film is changing my life in a positive way.  I hope that I can repay the favor.