Friday, January 21, 2011

The End is Near!

Forgive my lack of posts recently, friends. We're so close to finishing the post-production, that I find it tough to keep the blog updated. Be assured, though, we are making great strides each day!

We have recently had meetings about motion graphics, music, and the trailer for the film. Just last night I was telling someone how excited I am about the final product because of the talented people helping make it. When I showed off the opening segment to some fellow filmmakers recently, they gushed immediately. It looks so great.

The part of this phase I love the most is that I'm no longer sitting at my computer for hours on end editing video. While video editing is an art--and I have great respect for it as such--that part of the process has been particularly painful for me since I'm a rather social person.

What a great way to learn about filmmaking, though! I have been so lucky to learn the hard way, jumping in to try it and struggle through it. My friends have been so kind as to show me how to make improvements, and share tricks about using Final Cut Pro. Just the other day, I used FCP with someone and kind of impressed myself with how quickly I moved through the program. It's exciting.

We'll finish everything up by the end of February and then start showing it to select groups of people. This is going to be a great year for the film, and I see the end of post-production in sight! Stay tuned...