Thursday, February 16, 2012

Re: iMac

The iMac stopped working again. I'm going to go nuts. As of today, I've taken this computer back to the Apple store a total of four times. Four times!

Each time I lose precious energy and hours that could be spent finishing the film. I pack up this 30lb computer and hope with desperation that I don't get in a car wreck, drop and break the computer, get robbed, or otherwise damage the computer en route to the Genius Bar.

All of the above is complicated by my lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion from carrying the 30lb cumbersome box. By the time I finally get to the Genius Bar, I'm ready to pass out. Then they ask me again what's wrong--after I've just spent time writing it the appointment notes, explaining to the person who checks me in for my appointment in the store, and the handful of employees who helped me the last time I was in for the same problem. When I have to go through the entire lengthy story yet again at the Genius Bar, I'm void of patience.

Add to it: about 75% of the employees who help have either belittled me, asked dumb questions, had no clue how to help, or were so unwilling to help that I was shocked they even worked for Apple. It's completely maddening. One dude was even stingy with packing tape. (He said me they ran out, but I felt like he was lying.)

At this point, I've almost lost my faith in Apple and I've been one of their brand loyalists since I played Oregon Trail on one of their tiny black and green screens. The experiences I've had with this computer, and trying to get it fixed are enough for anyone to throw their hands in the air and walk away.*

A lot of people I know would fuss more than I have about all of this, but I've worked retail so I know how tough it can get. This is a computer problem; it's not the end of the world. I don't wanna lose my mind in public over such nonsense no matter how close I am to crazy.

It's really tough when you've been working on something this hard, for this long, and you're this close to being finished. Little things like this become much bigger and more powerful than they should be because of the circumstances. Especially when you have others waiting on you. It stinks.

But these are the breaks of the game, folks. Indie film making ain't for the faint of heart. Every step is a challenge. Everyone questions your decisions. Expensive equipment and technology will fail when you need it most. For every victory, there's another battle waiting to be won. In the face of each challenge, you have to ask yourself, "How badly do I want it?"

This ain't over yet. 

*There have been one or two Apple employees who have been my saving graces. A FCP expert at the Crabtree store was really helpful. I'm guessing he could see the vacancy in my eyes, tears welling up, or my quivering lip--signs that I'm about to lose it completely. Despite my best efforts to keep my composure, though, he had the smarts to realize I was completely worn out and he was really kind to me. He helped fix the problem and offered the courtesies I would expect from someone representing Apple. For that I am incredibly grateful.