Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thoughts Regarding the Next Project

Since we're so close to finishing Abandoned Allies, my thoughts regularly turn to "what next?" A lot of people are asking me this question, too.

While I have not chosen a specific project, I do know that there will be vast improvements on the endeavor. My mind is always going about this: how can I make the next film better, more efficiently, and faster? What crew will I need to do it, and with whom do I want to work? How much will it cost to make the next one? Where will I find those resources?

It is really exciting to be thinking through these things. It signifies that I have learned so much in these past few years. It also means that I am gaining a clearer picture of the type of filmmaker I want to become, and what areas give me the most joy. I love producing, directing, researching, interviewing, and (gasp) editing.

Yeah. I hated editing at one point. It can be so tedious, lonely, overwhelming. But my career coach helped me realize how much I hated it and now ... I kind of enjoy it. Weird, huh?

As I think back on making Abandoned Allies, the parts that I enjoyed the most are what I want to focus on the next time around. The parts that I didn't enjoy? I want to find someone else that loves those tasks, and might want to work with me in such a regard.

I feel like that's one small part of what makes a great team: each person being focused on the thing they enjoy. We're all so different.

When I met with Willie, I was so curious about what he knows of sound. I could have pestered him with questions for hours. What's that button do? Why'd you chose to do that? It was so much fun to sit with someone who simply loves sound, you know?

So as we get closer to the end of this phase of the project, my mind is racing with ideas for the next project. The subject of this film has been so dynamic and interesting. It might be hard to find something I can enjoy researching so much, but I feel like "the next one" is out there waiting on me to discover it.

In the meantime, I hope to do some shorter films. Something a little silly or lighthearted might be nice, just to stretch and explore the art of making films.

We shall see!