Sunday, October 16, 2011


View of Chicago from the Museum Campus, one of my
favorite places to stop on the way into town.
This week I was in Chicago for a short time.

It's been years since I visited friends in various corners of the world because I put myself on "lock down" to finish Abandoned Allies: no frivolous travel, spending, and extra curricular activities were temporarily put on hold.

Now that the film is almost finished and we have a private screening of the film scheduled, I am starting to come alive again. Or at least return to my old ways. I strive to be a better member of my family, reconnect with friends whom I have neglected, and travel again.

Since we're still tidying up the film, I can't quite "go hog wild" as my dad says. One small step at a time, and this time a little skip up to Chicago for two nights was just what I needed.

My friends Alex and Jessica were kind enough to host me on short notice. A few friends that have lived in Chicago for about three or four years were gracious enough to meet us for dinner while I was in town, too. (Each of them has let me stay with them, too. I'm so lucky to have such generous friends!)

My hosts (and fellow improvisers) Jessica and Alex.
Since there was little trip planning involved, I am sad that I didn't get to catch up with everyone. Next time, though, next time.