Friday, August 8, 2008

The Army Grows

Renewed Strength
The past weeks have left me a bit exhausted as burning the candle at both ends catches up to me. When I tell people I work full time, am creating a documentary and do improv, they question how I stay balanced. In fact, staying balanced is one of the most important things a person can do, I believe. I'm not the best example, but I do try to keep balanced by working hard and playing hard.

But lately I have found myself very cranky and irritable, quick to keep meetings running at their most efficient for lack of time to gab. When one runs so efficiently all the time, though, it leaves little time for breathing room. So, after recognizing that I've been especially cranky, I went to bed really early last night. This morning I am refreshed and renewed again!

Originally I had planned to take this Friday as a vacation day, but deadlines at work require me to stay focused there. So it is a half and half day: half working on work stuff and half working on film stuff. So, half work and half vacation (but not vacation). Ha! Try that one on for size.

Vietnamese Food and Geek Speek
Anway, I sit at Cup-A-Joe buzzed on coffee waiting for my lunch appointment at Dalat, a Vietnamese restaurant a few steps away. One of the Montagnards who has been especially kind in helping me work on this project is interested in the software we're using for the film. Being a tech geeky girl, I'm always happy to talk about the latest/greatest tech stuff (even though I'm not one of those true-blood, scientific tech geeks). I mostly drool over the equipment and how awesome it can perform. And lately, as my improv team increases its marketing efforts, I find more and more people interested in my photography, design and marketing geek side. It's exciting to have those conversations about what I love. I digress, though.

The Army Grows
This morning I got an email from Todd Weeks of GypsyQuaker, a creative professional with whom I work at Advanced Energy. He is the type of vendor you delight in outsourcing to because he is excited and hungry to work with you. I had mentioned this little side project of mine, and the undeniable need for creative professionals like designers and writers, and he has offered to help me in some capacity. It is very exciting to see the film army growing! How lucky I am to be surrounded by such creative and talented people, all willing to offer their talents to work on this project.

I find myself giving the same speach each time someone joins the project: tell me when it stops being fun for you. We need much support from so many people, and I am happy to take all the help I can get, so I have asked each one to set very clear boundaries for me. And, of course, each person with whom I am working has done just that. "No, I can't meet then because this is a priority for me." (What a joy to hear that!) "No, I'm only available to work through this month because another project will come up at that time." It's absolutely rewarding to hear these people set those very clear boundaries because it allows us all to collaborate more effectively.

While Todd and I have not set the specifics for the support he's provided, I hope he does not mind me gushing of the offer of his assistance. It is a very rewarding feeling.

Communication Continues
Emails come to me almost daily as we all collaborate on this project. It's very exciting to hear that work is moving forward without you pounding the pavement at every turn. While I have been regaining strength, Doc has been digitizing tapes, Emma has been doing research on film festivals and outlets for screening the film, Matt has been looking into films I need to see, Annie Beth has been researching how music drives the plot forward and where we can find local artists to join the project, and Surry (last but not least) has been keeping a watchful eye over the project as a whole to be sure we have all of the right people in front of the camera, and that we tell the story in the most effective manner.

Counting Down
I worke up this morning and realized we were already eight days into August. Originally I had been pushing to have the project finished by the end of August, and that seems less likely now. But, as a friend pointed out on Sunday night, these are self-imposed deadlines for a false sense of pressure to drive the project forward. I do plan to keep the momentum going, that is certain!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Arts are Alive in Raleigh

Wow, so quickly each week passes! How is it already Sunday?

This week has been a great one, in that I have been focused on staying balanced. When I got the ticket for my tags being out I realized that I had been neglecting things in my personal life (which is pretty easy to do when the work you're doing doesn't feel like work at all). So, this week I did things that I haven't done in a while. Things that are seemingly unimportant, but are oh-so important to keeping balanced (working out, doing dishes, buying groceries, paying bills and such).

On Tuesday I went to the Sara Bareilles, Counting Crows, and Maroon 5 concert. It was an incredible night, and a much needed evening of fun. We got into the VIP tent to hear the Brooks Wood Band, a local group my friend knows. I bought their $5 CD and have been enjoying it since. They are a great local band, and the more I learn about the artists in North Carolina, the more excited I get at the thought of collaborating with them. The collaboration is really what draws me to the art of filmmaking.

And it feels like the arts are alive in Raleigh, which is a great! I went downtown today to put up fliers for my improv group and everyone was very supportive. With First Friday and so many art galleries and cool hangouts sprouting up, the outlook is truly positive for showing an indie film and that is really cool (for lack of a better term).

More to come later!