Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well, hello, Health.

Great news: I'm feeling so much better today.

For those of you new to this blog, the relevance between my personal health and the progress of Abandoned Allies might not be immediately obvious. Since I'm the producer, director, and editor of the hour-long film, it's fairly relevant. This is, after all, the diary of a documentary blog; a journal of how it came to life.

Today I attempted the first four mile run/walk since I got sick last week. It turned out to be mostly walking. These leg muscles are hating me but I feel like I'm likely to get my stride back again soon, especially since we'll get a break in the typical 90° weather by this weekend. Looks like a new season is on its way here in North Carolina.

Since I'm feeling much better, progress on the film is progressing quickly again. Annie Beth and I accomplished a lot over Labor Day weekend, so I feel we're in great shape. I have some tidying up to do now which means I need to fit B Roll to music and get picture lock, set up time to do color correction, wrap up all motion graphics, finalize end credits, and get our sound engineer going so we can normalize all audio. I'm grateful that we have a team moving these things along.

In the mean time, I'm also working with my marketing communications team to get things in order so that we have a smooth transition from post-production to distribution and promotions. This phase of the project will probably be drastically different, but I hope it'll be much more energizing. Editing has been so challenging.

Time to get back to it. More to come soon.