Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Home Stretch

If/when we should ever meet in person, dear reader, be forewarned when asking me to about Abandoned Allies.  Should you bring up the topic, you might find me rambling enthusiastically about how things are going, now that we are in the home stretch--heading straight for completion of the documentary film.  More importantly, you might find that I won't stop talking about it.

For the first time, in what feels like entirely too long, I feel the fog lifting.  I feel the pressure lifting.  I feel the doubt disappearing.  I feel the solitude waning.  I feel the constant state of chaos starting to take order.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I see the real, tangible possibilities.  I see the end in sight.  I see the future of this film, and more films to come.  And I am overjoyed about it all!  It's overwhelmingly delicious, this taste of renewed strength and spirit.

Yes, we are in the home stretch, my friends.  This film will be ready for your viewing pleasure very soon.  And all of these lessons learned in the School of Hard Knocks will make the next film so much easier to make.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Abandoned Allies takes on a life of its own, and finds a means to be distributed so that each of you may love these cast members as I love them.  So that recognition of our soldiers and allies may be tangible, no matter when they served.  So that the support from the Montagnards may be documented for generations to come.  So that we might deliver on a promise made more than 40 years ago.

Yes, we are in the home stretch, my friends.  I anxiously await the chance to share this film with you.  It won't be much longer now.  I'm sure of it.