Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Response

Thank you all for the overwhelming and immediate support! I am so humbled and feel so lucky! In the past few hours, we have had an incredible amount of support from local folks. What a wonderful community!

It is a great pleasure to welcome Paul, Phil, Jessica, Alena, Chris and Lisa to the team. As we move forward, I'm sure you'll hear these names mentioned here many times. I am so grateful to have the help! It is certain that this project will move forward much faster and more smoothly with their kind support.

We are still in need of volunteers, so don't hesitate to connect with me if you are interested (or know someone that wants to help). Projects of this size can only be done with the help of many, many people. If you want to help but don't see anything on the list that fits you, send me a message and we'll find something fitting. There are many things to be done, for certain.

1 comment:

Alena Koch said...

Looking forward to working and collaborating with you and everyone involved. It is a story that needs to be shared!