Monday, December 28, 2009

Marketing Manager

We're looking for marketing support, folks. Let me know if you have anyone in mind, or you would like to join our team.

We want to wrap the film in the next few months, and will use this time during post-production to get a marketing manager up to speed. We have someone potentially helping with strategy, so this person will help us execute the many ideas we have, add in their own, and help build momentum for the film.

Here's the post for the position:

Independent Documentary in need of Marketing Manager. This is a volunteer position, but you will receive film credits, experience, publicity, and having a hand in sending a positive message out to the world.

Duties will include but not limited to:

*Working with the director's ideas and adding new ones in attempts to figure out ways to execute them on a zero dollar budget

*Working with the team (cast and crew) to make sure all are speaking the same message with regards to the film

*Wrangle in and help oversee all efforts in social media, promotions, events, etc.

*Work with events coordinator to promote any screenings, fund-raising events, and general awareness of the film.

*Coordinating coverage of events with appropriate media outlets.

We are looking for someone with at least 5-7 years of Marketing experience, filmmaking experience not entirely necessary but interest in entertainment a plus.

Please include resume with cover letter.

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