Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reshooting Interviews

With the many people joining forces with us to wrap up the film, I grow more and more confident that we can finish it in the coming months. What a great joy it is to have the project gain such momentum with the help of so many of my friends. It's a little army of people going to war to finish it, and that is incredibly rewarding.

Today I sent messages to three of our cast members, requesting more time with them. The original interviews were shot in standard format before we upgraded to an HD camera. Having two different formats in the final film just won't do, so we're setting up to reshoot those interviews. The audio from those tapes was terrible, too, so this will make post-production infinintely easier, I believe.

Sending those emails helped me appreciate how much I have learned since those interviews were shot. I know much more about the equipment, camera angles, lighting, audio, and subject matter. That experience "in the trenches" gives you confidence to move quickly. I know that I can go reshoot the interviews with no hesitations, capture what is needed, and come back to the office to digitize the tapes and drop that footage in the timeline right where it is needed.

There's no doubt that our next production will be an adventure, but I also know that it'll be easier to do in much less time. It's like learning to step at a time.

Photo credit: Charlie and EG Long

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