Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feeling Free

The term 'brain dump' isn't really an attractive one. It's a harsh term with no frills. That is, unless you're the one doing the brain dump. When you're emptying your mind of information, it becomes a rewarding and beautiful word.

For the past two years, so many thoughts swarm around in my head, buzzing and bouncing around distractingly. I find myself walking much lighter these days, though. Each brain dump leaves me feeling more and more free to oversee the entire project. Free to delegate to the talented and generous volunteers joining our little army. Free to trust them and highlight their strengths and support. Free to make the film better and more successful.

On Monday morning, I mentioned over breakfast with some power women the recent addition of a PA. Their eyes lit up in recognition of such a critical role being filled. Our PA's name is Jessica Kent, and she has proven to be a rock star in such a short time. I've given her many of the details from the past two years, and she is helping me sort through everything to make the finish line seem much closer than it did a few months ago. I feed off of her energy, and find joy in talking with her about the film regularly.

It's incredible how each new day brings the gift of another person interested in our project. This morning I met with Brian McDonald (@bmcd67) to talk about marketing strategy. He, too, was full of energy and ideas. Later we shall divulge everyone's role to the full extent.

It can be overwhelming at times. The weight of the entire project. The thought of shaping a truth about a group of people. And the gloriously overwhelming sensation of having someone join your cause and march by your side.

MLK Day is next month, and I recently saw a photo of him talking to the crowds with the Washington Monument in the background. What a wonderful feeling it must have been--to be surrounded by so many thousands of people that believe in the same truth! Everyone fired up about making a difference, and making our nation better. It may seem like a lofty comparison by far, but there are more similarities than you might think.

Our little film is about justice and human rights. A group of people still fighting for freedom. Still in need of our support. Hoping that we can forget the sound bite world we live in, just for a few moments, and listen to the story of their people. Or, perhaps, leverage the tools that have helped make us a sound bite nation to make change happen for our abandoned allies, the Montagnards.

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Mavis Q said...

You're too much! Thanks for the shout out and for letting me be part of such an amazing project (and for letting me finally be the rock star my 6 year-old self always dreamed of!)

Muchos gracias, mi bonita amiga!