Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Script Writing

Writing this narrative script is one of the most difficult things I've had to do for Abandoned Allies. Words that typically flow easily for me just are not coming.  The words that do make it to the page feel contrived and questionable.  Why has writing this script been so challenging?

Currently I'm taking a break from it because I've been at it alllllll day long, for two days now, (no, make that months, and probably a whole year that I've been working on it).  I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Writing for this blog is a welcomed relief from the script.  But I'm desperate for sleep tonight so I have to make this a short post.

The narration feels incredibly important.  Perhaps I'm putting too much weight on it, and that's stifling the flow of writing?  I rarely get writers block, and I know that it's impossible to prevent mistakes.  You're just bound to make them as a first time filmmaker.  So, what's my deal?  I'm so frustrated right now.

We have a recording session set for next Tuesday.  I'm scheduled to send the script to a few trusted folks to be sure it's an accurate representation.

Translation: beautiful deadlines are forcing me to quit nitpicking, and finish the thing.  I love deadlines.

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Anand Rathore said...

Relax … take a power nap. Sleep straight on your back.. Exhale and inhale for seven time.. Relax your body.. now your body is relaxed …Close your eyes … don’t think of anything… if any thought comes to your mind, just watch it ..Once you will start watching.. Thoughts will fade away and after sometime vanish.. Mind without thought means .. total rest your mind is relaxed…. Soon you will sleep .. Wake up without any aim .. relax… have glass of water … sit somewhere in peace .. don’t try hard ..let whatever coming to your mind naturally.. and then better to start writing with pen not PC or laptop .. please keep in mind you are into visual media .. so learn to think visually .. most of the time when people write and they never visualize .. think visually about your film ..scene by scene will catch the flow again… it’s very easy… if you will think, you have to write you will see only pen and paper or laptop screen and pressure of doing best …. Pressure of making everyone impressed.. remember you are not here to please anyone but to narrate your film and transfer your visualization into their mind. The narrative script should give listeners an overview of what is to be expected in the screen version .. every time I start writing story or film , I always think visually . before putting down on paper I closed my eyes and see my idea converting into film like cinema ..scene by scene.. and after that , idea become so clear that it becomes child play to convert it into script and if anyone asks me to narrate , confidently I can narrate without seeing a single line from script. Good director is always great visualizor , he knew before anyone what is output of script. He is first to see film without making. Writer also especially screen writer see his film first without making. We are into visual media.. Think visually.. It’s very simple; just you have to learn to think visually without any pressure. Keep your body, mind and soul in rhythm.. Your visualization will do your job.