Monday, July 19, 2010

Private Screening Tonight

Tonight's the night!  We're having another private screening to get feedback on the film.  This is the first of about three that we'll have this week.  Tonight's audience will be seeing the film for the third time.  The most significant differences between the previous versions are:
  • The addition of Super 8 footage
  • The addition of more still photos
  • Better-flowing, more organized content
The group that is viewing the film tonight is a really interesting one, and I look forward to hearing their thoughts about the film.  They tend to stir up great conversation, which helps me see the film in a whole new light.  They bring up things that I had not thought about, and help me adjust things other people might struggle with, too.  I'm really grateful for their help, and can't wait to hear their thoughts.

When a group comes over, I find myself insanely anxious to have the film finished before their arrival.  I want it to be as perfect as possible--and completed!  It's a work in progress, though, so I constantly remind myself to be patient.  Patient.  Patient.

We still have a lot of work to do.  My production "to do" list is a long one that includes:
  • Adding more footage from our second interview with George Shepard (beautifully-shot HD)
  • Adding footage from our interviews with Charlie and EG Long (standard def)
  • Working with  motion graphics team to create and finalize visuals
  • Tweaking the flow of content with Todd Tinkham to make it look & sound better
  • Get the content finalized so we have a lock on it and can start working on what I call the "final finesse" that makes it look and sound like a real movie
We're going to have the film finished before the end of the year, showing it to small focus groups over the next few months.  It's an exciting time, for sure!

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when are upcoming screenings?