Friday, February 19, 2010

Finance Plans for Indie Films

This is my first film, and it's basically a zero-dollar budget one; however, I hope that the next film might have a little bit of funding. It's too early to think of these things in great depth because we're still editing this one.

Every now and then I look up from editing to take a deep breath and stretch. Today I came across this article while doing so: Top Independent Filmmakers, Take Finance Plans Seriously. It's a short, well written article and something I look forward to revisiting when we finish Abandoned Allies.

There's no clue what the future will bring, but I know that filmmaking is something I will love for a very long time. I look forward to having a financial plan for the next film I do and hopefully a bit of financial backing, too.


David said...

Love that article. Thanks so much for posting. Looks like I need to revisit my finance plan too!

Camden Watts said...

Glad it helped you, too!

Saturnina Corbeil said...

So how is your filmmaking career doing these days? It’s a shame that you had to start off making films with little to no capital, but then it’s the passion for the craft that drives you. As long as you haven’t given up, I’m sure you’ll be fantastic. I do hope that your next projects have had financial backing, and thusly budget planning. It’s a tedious procedure, but part of the fun, at least for me.