Monday, February 15, 2010

Editing Challenges

So, I didn't get a total rough cut ready for Annie Beth's visit last weekend, as I had hoped. But setting deadlines gets me motivated, and puts the pressure on to get things done. Despite my best efforts to get it finished, we had an external hard drive fail, an editor out sick, project files that wouldn't open and a handful of other challenges.

We have had a lot of editing troubles in the past few weeks. OK, let's be honest, we've had a lot of editing troubles in the past YEAR. It's not exactly been a smooth process. That's the way we learn in the school of hard knocks, though! For a first-time filmmaker, learning by doing is one way to guarantee you won't forget the lesson.

I'm really grateful for the one-to-one lessons I took at the Apple store, plus my experience right out of college editing video. This past week, I sat down to do the editing myself and those experiences really helped. While I'm not the editor that finds joy in sitting at the computer for hours to piece together the story, I have most enjoyed the forward momentum.

If nothing else, I have what Surry calls a "fire in the belly" to get this damn rough cut finished. It's do or die, people. Watch out!

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