Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Triangle Film Folks Gathering is Tonight

Tonight a misc group of people interested in filmmaking will gather at Hi5 in downtown Raleigh from 7-9pm:

The group is rather informal, but is one of the beautiful case studies that proves the value of social media--or rather the value of genuinely connecting with people over common interests, and having tools available to help share information easily. The evening formed so organically. A few folks interested in beer and film talk became a group of about 20.

If you're interested in filmmaking, please join us tonight. If you're a writer, photographer, actor, director, producer, angel investor, or simply interested in talking film, join us tonight. We'd love to see you there. There's no entry cost, membership fee, or hidden agenda. Simply, a room full of people passionate about film.

Special thanks to @RobLaughter for generously helping scout locations, without any expectations of a public thank you.

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