Monday, December 7, 2009

Slide Scanning Complete (Maybe)

Today should mark the completion of slide scanning; at least, the completion of scanning the slides currently available. When we first started, collecting archived images was of great concern. But thanks to the many folks involved with our project, we will have--what I believe to be--more than enough. We have, roughly, one thousand images now digitized.

The final count will likely be greater than one thousand, as some of those counted include multiple photos. For example, below is a scan of photos provided by Mike Benge. There are four photos on the page, purely for the sake of speeding up the scanning process. These photos were scanned on location in Washington, D.C., so my main focus was capturing them. Scanning the photos on location provides peace of mind to the person loaning images, and I can give them back immediately without the risk of damaging or losing someone's personal effects.

Should we need additional images, particular members of the cast have offered their collections for scanning. At the present time, however, I think we have what we need. Once we have a first cut of the film completed, I might revise that opinion and request an afternoon of scanning. Charlie and EG Long have a very impressive collection. They served as missionaries in Vietnam, and Charlie worked hard to improve his photography techniques. Below is one of the many images they provided.

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