Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Great Surry Roberts

Surry is the producer of this documentary film. It was his idea to capture this history, to share the story and to express the mutual respect and adoration between the Special Forces and the Montagnards.

Surry served during the Vietnam War where he (and other members of the Special Forces) came to know the Montagnard people. Surry has a passion for history; not only studying it but capturing, sharing, and making it available to younger generations. He knows that studying history enables preventing future mistakes, which is one of the very themes of our film: preventing the mistake of abandoning our allies.

Here is a photo of him during his service, which my friend Brian Thacker scanned. Many more words about Surry's dedication, wisdom, guidance and passion will be written, I'm sure. But for now, as progress on the film continues, a mini-dedication and expression of gratitude must suffice.

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