Monday, March 26, 2012

DVD Duplication

We're making progress here. The key has been getting a solid DVD master before duplication, of course.

I have struggled with it on my iMac at home, but have had lots of great people helping me out. I'd especially like to thank David Iversen and Jim McQuaid for lending me their expertise; they've been incredibly helpful.

I think we're closing in on my desired end result: about 30 DVDs I can use to submit the film to festivals and share with a few other key folks. It's almost tangible.

What I'm trying to figure out next is DVD sales. This isn't to line my pockets, mind you, but to finally make the film available to those who have asked to see it. I also want a way to sell DVDs at events, should people be interested in that.

I don't want to be the bottleneck either, so it has to be a self-sustaining process. I need a way to upload the files somewhere, allow people to purchase the DVD, and have someone else do the fulfillment so I'm not running to the post-office constantly. I've heard that Amazon does a good job with this, but I still have quite a bit of research to do. (Recommendations are certainly welcome.)

When I talk to younger folks, they act shocked that I'm investing so much energy into DVDs when so much is  now VOD (video on demand). Right now DVDs are key for film festival submissions, and will be important for sharing the film with the Montagnards, Vietnam veterans, and their families. I think many different formats are important, and I'm learning about all of it.

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