Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Best Time for Video Editing

Six o'clock on Saturday mornings have become the best time for editing.
The moments of most intense concentration and productivity for editing Abandoned Allies have become Saturday mornings starting at six o'clock. (To many of my friends, this is laughable. Why would anyone wake up so early--especially a Saturday?) I find these to be the quietest hours, and therefore the most productive.

It's become a ritual. I wake up early, tip toe to the kitchen to feed my dog and start the coffee, then tip toe back to my office to turn on my Mac. (Meanwhile my dog eats so loudly that tip toeing is rendered pointless.) While the coffee is brewing, I start Final Cut Pro. By the time the computer and software are up and ready to roll, my dog has finished eating and the coffee is hot and ready to wake me up. I lock myself in my office with my dog and the first cup of coffee.

Then it's time to work.

In these quiet hours, I am a video editing power house. My dog rests at my feet and eventually falls asleep. I own my little world while rrelentlessly editing video. Unstoppable. In the zone. Going full force without looking back.

It feels great to make progress on these early, quiet Saturday mornings.

For so long I have had a palpable disdain for editing video. Now I have what I need and I know what I'm doing. As a result, these quiet Saturday mornings are fruitful and enjoyable. I look forward to the time I can be selfishly alone, able to delve deep into the story and let all the other noise fade away. It's just me and the machine, with the perfect conditions for working.

So much of this project has been, well, really difficult. It's a weight I carry daily. A self-imposed pressure that others in my life have trouble understanding--and that's putting it lightly.

But I see this thing as a welcomed challenge. Can I do it? When will I finish it? How will it be received? How can I make the next film better and more efficiently?

It's very hard to do, this indie film thing. But on Saturday mornings, when I have the peace and quiet I need in order to finish it--it all seems like less of a challenge and more of a joy.

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