Monday, July 18, 2011

A Very Successful Weekend

Last weekend was a huge success, and there are many details to share.

I'm still recovering from the hustle and bustle, but plan on sharing more information throughout this week. It amazes me that two days should be broken down into a week's worth of blog posts because so much transpired. The long and short of it? We had two private screenings of Abandoned Allies in one weekend.

Saturday night we shared the film with more of our cast members. Sunday afternoon we shared the film with one of our largest audiences yet: my family and friends.

This weekend was so wonderful. I desperately needed to share the film because
  • I see problems with a few things in it
  • I don't have a good ending yet
  • I am learning all of this on my own and need constructive criticism
  • I need to feel the energy in the room while the film is on screen
  • I want to hear what thoughts people have after it because I won't always be with the film to answer questions and don't want people to walk away terribly confused
More details to come. It was an unforgettable weekend. I am delighted to start sharing the film with people, even though it's not totally finished.

Stay tuned!

After the latest cut of Abandoned Allies screened at ComedyWorx,
I took questions from my family and friends. I'll use those questions
to help make the film better and possibly for FAQs on the website.
Photo credit: @AshleyMaria

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