Friday, July 15, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be amazing. We are sharing the latest cut of Abandoned Allies with the cast on Saturday afternoon / evening, and then with another private group on Sunday afternoon. I am thrilled!

The film isn't finished yet, but we're getting closer and closer all the time. We will continue tweaking the end of the film, finalize music, mix sound, color correct, and complete the end credits in the next two months. I hope to have the film finished by this fall, if all goes according to plan.

If I've learned one thing: setting hard deadlines like screening events is incredibly motivating to get the film finished. It forces me to stop tweaking and be done with it, and helps motivate my team to get it totally finished. I think we are all ready to be finished with it so that we can share it.

Therefore, I hope to immediately set a date for a more public screening this fall. Stay tuned on that, folks.

The events for this weekend have helped me, once again, appreciate the many people who have helped with Abandoned Allies over the years. It's incredible to take stock of so many folks, each so willing to help out. (Perhaps they take pity on me for working on such a huge project with no prior experience?) I've been so lucky to meet and work with such interesting, passionate people. I just love North Carolina, and all of my fellow filmmakers. The collaboration is wonderful.

So, I've gotta buckle up because this weekend is going to be a wild ride. Thankfully, though, the film has been exported and the DVDs have been burned. We share the film at two private screenings this weekend. Wish us luck!

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