Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching Up

I should blog more often.  Every time I sit down to catch you up, I feel there's just too much to share.  These past few weeks have been incredibly busy, with some good and some sad things. 

We finished the video about the Habitat for Humanity house being built for a Montagnard family in Durham, N.C., which is sponsored by Cree.  The two organizations are doing some incredibly positive things, and I'm so happy to hear about them.  I love that the family will have with this new, more affordable home to provide them with more stability. And being an energy efficiency geek, I am drooling over the house they're building.  It is the first all-LED home. (So jealous! I want one.) Cree was kind enough to share our video with their blog readers (read the post here), too; I am so grateful!

The feedback from the video has been wonderful, and I am so appreciative of the folks who helped make it and those who have enjoyed watching it.  It feels great to have something online to share with people, especially something has positive and heartwarming as that story.  We hear so much negative stuff these days that I feel honored and priveledged to share some good news. 

The best review of the short film?  It made my mom tear up.  She's one of my toughest critics, too, I'll tell ya! A positive review from her means a lot.  I come from a family of artists--people who are rarely afraid to give you blatent, often harsh, constructive criticism.  Can't wait to show her the final feature-length film.

We're hustling as fast as possible towards finishing, too.  We're working hard on a few things: finalizing the narrative script, securing voice-over talent, finding a recording studio, film logo design, title / opening sequence creation, original film score / composition, and (of course) finalizing the rough cut.  Needless to say, we've been very busy! 

In the midst of all of that work, I've been lucky enough to do some traveling as well.  I didn't realize how desperately I needed to step away from FCP for a while. Some of these travels, unfortunately, took me to a memorial service for a family member in South Carolina.  Others, thankfully, took me to visit with the other side of my family at Topsail Beach.  I needed it terribly! Most recently, I was lucky enough to attend Social Fresh Charlotte.  I owe a few posts on some of these happenings.

You see what I mean by having a lot to catch up on?!  Whew, so much is happening so quickly.  I'll try to do better, my friends.  Hope you're having a great Thursday. :)

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