Friday, July 16, 2010

Private Screening Parties Scheduled for Next Week

There's so much to share, folks.  How can I find the time to tell you all of the good things?! 

First let me say that next week is going to be a good one for Abandoned Allies.  We've scheduled several private viewing parties for the film.  (Party equals 2-6 people in my living room watching the film.)  My friend / mentor / man with the idea for the film's subject matter, Surry Roberts, will come over early in the week to watch it with several other folks.  Perhaps I'll take a picture while they're there to share with you all.  Later in the week we'll have some of the team members come take a peek. I'm hoping that Kyle, EJ, Alena, Chris, Zach and Patrick will all have a chance to see the latest cut of the film.  (Any other team members that want to join are welcome to come; just send me an email.)

Eventually, we'll open the screening parties to more people.  I want to have a few private screenings among my fellow filmmakers to get their feedback.  They see things that I don't, and I adore hearing their thoughts. 

Small focus group screenings would also be ideal.  And there are some thank you parties I want to throw.  There will be many fun things in the works after the film is finished, and I'll be sure to keep you all posted when they take shape.  Thank goodness for having EJ, our event planner, on board!  I am so grateful to have her help!  My excitement just keeps growing when I think of showing the film to audiences, but it's still a wee bit too early for that now because we have to  finish it first.

The next few days will be a thrilling rush to get the film in great shape before these screening parties.  I like the pressure of deadlines for motivation.  The film won't be as great as I want it to be because I do fall into that artistic perfectionism trap frequently, but the film just continues to improve every day. 

I keep reminding myself to be patient.  An oak tree doesn't grow over night, and the film won't be finished tomorrow.  With every day that passes, though, I get more and more anxious about finishing it!  I'm so ready to share this with you all.

More updates to come...

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