Monday, March 1, 2010

Ignite Raleigh 2

This Wednesday is Ignite Raleigh 2, an event I attended last year and really enjoyed.  The folks that organize it do an amazing job.  

These guys have really shaped the social media community in Raleigh, and I am a big fan of them and their work.  They pull together fascinating, energetic and passionate people that always teach me something new.  It's a great group, and they put together really fun events.  I confess that I take them for granted, but want to give them a big public thank you for all that they do.  Keep up the good work, guys!

Go to Ignite Raleigh 2 this Wednesday night.  You can learn more about the event on the website:  The basis is that a presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides (that auto-rotate) to talk about a subject of their choice.  The presenters have been chosen by the community who has voted for them over the past weeks.  Some of my friends will be presenting on topics like "Everyone Needs a Dumb Guy" by Chris Moody, "13 Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing" by Lisa Creech Bledsoe, and "Anti-Social Media: Breaking Connections for Fun and Profit" by Jay Dolan.

While I have been looking forward to the event for months, and I mean months, I have decided not to attend this week so that I can keep working on the rough cut of Abandoned Allies.  This month marks two years that we have been working on the film.  I've been on lock down lately trying to get the rough cut finished so that we can release the film this summer.

If you're attending Ignite Raleigh 2, please share my hellos with everyone!  I will certainly be missing you all, knowing you're having such a fun time!


Chris Moody said...


Thanks for the shoutout and I wish you could make it!

Good luck with all the stuff you're working on. :)

Chris Moody (dumb guy)

Camden Watts said...

I'm so bummed that I'll miss your presentation, Chris! I know you'll be great! Thanks for the good luck, too.

Jay Dolan said...


I know that feeling so well. I missed the first Ignite to do what I love and what needed to get done. I will make sure you get to see the entire presentation in person if necessary.

Best of luck with finishing the rough cut!

Camden Watts said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jay. I can't wait to see the presentations after they're online. Wish I could be there to support ya'll in person!