Monday, February 8, 2010

Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant

Last week I applied for the Garrett Scott Documentary Development Grant. According to the Full Frame Film Festival's website, the grant:
"funds first time documentary makers for travel and accommodations at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, April 8-11, 2010. For four days, grant recipients will be given access to films, participate in master classes and be mentored by experienced filmmakers. TWO filmmakers will be chosen for the grant in its third year."
This sounds amazing! I would be so thrilled to receive this grant, not only because the few hundred bucks for tickets to attend is not in my film's budget but because of the mentoring opportunities that could make Abandoned Allies even better. What an incredible four days; oh, I just dream of how much fun I would have at the festival.

To apply for the grant, I wrote a three-page letter and edited together about five minutes of footage. Because Chris Moore sent me a reminder, I was able to apply. Months ago I read about the grant, but have been recently focused on editing a rough cut of the film so we can get it finished. I'm so grateful to Chris for the reminder! Thank you, Chris!

Thursday afternoon, Josh Steadman gave me the external hard drive with our footage on it. He has been incredibly encouraging, and I am so grateful to Todd Weeks of GypsyQuaker for the introduction. You should see some of the work both of them have done--just incredible!

Thursday night I spent several hours editing together the five-minute piece. It is hard to find a stopping place because you want the application to be as great as you can make it. So, I finally gave in around 3:30am. Friday afternoon Josh Mills helped me burn the footage to DVDs. I'm so thankful for his help!

With the help of Surry, Chris, Josh S., Josh Mills, and the fine folks at Full Frame, the application was in the mail and on its way before 5pm Friday. Ever the perfectionist, I didn't have the footage ready for The Short Circuit Film Festival on Saturday and have been kicking myself for it since. We live and learn, though, hey?

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed. The website says applicants will be notified via email in early March, so I'll be sitting on pins and needles until then! In the meantime, on to finishing the rough cut! Annie Beth and I will be reviewing it this weekend so she can start working on music.

More updates to come, my friends.

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