Monday, January 11, 2010

My Friend Lap

One of life's greatest gifts is finding kindred spirits. They are such rarities that you really feel enriched when you find a genuine kindred spirit, someone that's as equally enthralled by the same subjects that have captured your attention. Someone that you can sit and talk with for hours, and it feels as if only minutes have passed.

While working on this project, I have been lucky enough to meet many kindred spirits, including Lap. Lap is such a kindred spirit, and I have been so lucky to get to know him over the past two years. When we first met, Lap showed up with his lovely wife and charming son. That meeting feels like ages ago now!

Lap is a Montagnard, specifically from the Jarai tribe and has taught me so much. During his on-camera interview, Lap told me about how he came to the States as a teenager. He worked at a high school, and then became a student himself. He has since gotten a high school diploma, undergraduate degree, and now a graduate degree. On December 18, 2009, he graduated with a Masters from Texas Tech University. He thesis was a 2,400-word Jarai-English dictionary, and will be teaching cultural anthropology this semester.

I have been so impressed with Lap and his efforts. Each time we talk, it is usually about exciting things we can do to capture the culture of the Montagnards. We both think big, for sure! I most assuredly look forward to working with Lap in the future, long after the film is finished.

Congratulations on your latest accomplishments, Lap!

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