Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. There are many words said today to honor veterans: those lost, retired or still fighting. Some take is as a holiday and think not about veterans. For me, it is a very personal day of remembrance and celebration.

My grandfather was a very proud Marine until the day he passed away. He served during World War II, marrying the love of his life on 5 July 1942 in his uniform. Between the two of their families, seven people fought for freedom and each one came home safely.

Today I find myself working on this documentary, a film about Vietnam Veterans and American allies. I watch what is happening at home and abroad, how things are changing, how we can go about our day hardly impacted by today's war, and I work feverishly on the project to get it finished. The day that we share it will bring me such peace.

It is a humbling experience, and one that brings with it a great responsibility: telling the stories of veterans, past events, lives impacted by 40 years of fighting for freedom, and the unfortunate acts against our allies that continue in Vietnam and the United States today. I take one step at a time to work on the project and bring it closer and closer to completion.

For the chance to work on the project, I will always be grateful. My contribution is so minor compared to our veterans, and I hope that it will honor them, make them proud, and help others understand them a little better. It is a great story of love, courage, bravery, sacrifice and honor.

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