Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's Next?

I have so many ideas about what to do with Abandoned Allies now that the film is finished. We've been organizing screenings of the film, but I have ideas that extend beyond that. Beyond the film and sharing it.

What I have in mind is actually leading positive social change, which feels appropriate on MLK weekend. (He inspires me.) I'm not sure how to do these things, but I know some smart people who have already started trying. I feel really grateful for that.

Here are a few things I'd love to see take shape:

  • More awareness / support about the Montagnard people
  • Museum and photo exhibitions that start in NC and travel nationwide, preserving the Montagnard culture and telling the story of their partnership with the Green Berets
  • Statue near Vietnam Wall to commemorate the Montagnards who fought alongside Americans during the Vietnam War
  • Change in trade relations / legislation with Vietnam and the resettlement of refugees
  • Coffee table book with beautiful photos to preserve history and spread the word about the Montagnard people
  • Books that preserve the Montagnard culture by teaching the next generation the language and culture, which may not be written down
  • Short films online about what's happening locally and globally today
  • Remake of "Abandoned Allies" by a big channel like Nat Geo or Discovery
I could go on and on about these things. They are dreams at the moment, but dreams do come true. I believe in that.

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