Friday, March 16, 2012

Find Good People

Here's a pic of me standing with some folks who have helped me
make Abandoned Allies: (L to R) Todd Tinkham, Surry Roberts,
Chris McClure, George Shepard, Joe Ellington, and Adam Shepard.
This week has made me appreciate--even more--the kind people who have helped me make Abandoned Allies. Over the course of the past four years complete strangers have offered their time and expertise, asking nothing in return. As a result, some of us have become good friends.

I have said thank you countless times to these folks; I hope they know how much they have blessed me by lending a helping hand. We've gotten to know one another, trust one another, and (I hope) look forward to working together on another project.

One of the things that has always attracted me to Hollywood is the family that evolves out of working so closely together. My film education started with watching too many DVD extras and behind-the-scenes interviews. One common theme: the cast and crew adored one another and became this weird but loving family.

They respect and honor one another. They take pride in their work.

These are the people I will always want to work with on a project. They are honorable, trustworthy, humble, and open to ideas. They want to do their best. They show up on time, ready to work. They know how to relax and appreciate their surroundings. They are dependable, intelligent, and fun people.

This week I spent some time with people that don't fit that description. It was unsettling. I am glad for it, as this reminded me of how awesome my team has been over the years.

My team has taught, humbled, and saved me when I needed it most. We got a good thing going. I can't wait to do it again.


Anand Rathore said...

Hi , salute to your team.:)

dont know why I have not received this post in my email.

Annie Beth Brown said...

I really enjoyed working with you on this project. I agree that you've had a good team, but I think that you are also a good leader in that you inspire people to care as much about the task at hand as you do. And of course there have been so many humorous stories and moments that make the work fun, I hope to work on another project with you in the future. We had some good times.

Camden Watts said...

Thanks for the kind words! Most appreciated. :)