Monday, September 5, 2011

Delightful Progress

This weekend turned out to be a huge success. Annie Beth and I were incredibly productive, and placed the entirety of the film's music.

As I prepare to rest tonight, I find myself very satisfied with the current state of the film. This is good thing.

It's become difficult to hide my frustration with the length of time it's taken to finish Abandoned Allies. My family, friends, and crew chide me regularly about it.

Most of the time I handle that well, but because I have grown weary it has gotten more and more difficult. I am especially disappointed in myself because Dr. Hickey and Rev. Long passed away before I could get the film finished. It saddens me deeply.

It has been a difficult road, working on the film but complaining gets me nowhere. I am not a fan of whining.

Besides, the level of supposed suffering on my account is laughable in comparison to the treatment of the Montagnards in Vietnam who are persecuted. News about such things is released regularly. It keeps my pity party in check but, more importantly, is my source of sense of urgency for ompleting the film--in hopes it may be a catalyst for change.

Once I get some rest, I shall share more details with you about placing music in the film.

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