Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quotes from Todd Phillips

Yesterday I told you how refreshing it was to talk with Andy Poe, David Iversen, and Mark Garske about filmmaking. Part of my conversation with Andy over brews was about how filmmakers talk about filmmaking. He suggested that I listen to The Treatment, and I've been enjoying it.

So far I have listened to Kevin Smith (Red State), Paul Feig (Bridesmaids), Joel McHale (Community), and Greg Mottola (Paul). Each person's name links to the interview, should you want to listen to them as well. I really love listening to the podcast while I'm driving. It's so much fun to hear filmmakers talk about what they do and how much they love it.

This morning I listened to Elvis Mitchell interview Todd Phillips (The Hangover Part II). 

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Phillips commented on making documentaries during his interview. Since I'm working on a documentary (and this blog is about said adventure), I thought it appropriate to share some of his statements. What I appreciated were his thoughts on directing a documentary and how that influences the point of view. Enjoy:

"I always felt like, what is a documentary director? How do you direct something if not by instilling your point of view?"

"No one else could’ve made this film. It was made by a director. Otherwise you’re just a documentary producer."

"You learn how to make movies in editing documentaries. I mean, Martin Scorcese use to edit documentaries. It is where you learn what writing is, what a first act is, how things flow. I mean, really, it’s just … you learn more from editing a documentary, I think, than anything you can do as far as starting out in film."

-Todd Phillips, producer 

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