Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Private Screenings Continue

Scheduling of private screenings of Abandoned Allies continues. To say this is exciting for me is a gross understatement. We've been working on the film for years, and I'm finally able to start sharing it with people in intimate settings where we get honest, constructive criticism.

This weekend I'll share the film with Lap and his family. I can't wait to hear what they think of it and their insights on ways to make improvements. Lap and his father are both in the film, and make such poignant statements.

Next week I'm hoping to share Abandoned Allies with Hip, his family, and his friends. Hip is also in the film, and is very passionate about sharing/preserving the Montagnard culture. He seems really excited about having a copy of it.

A larger private screening is scheduled for next month. This one is for my fellow improvisers at ComedyWorx in Raleigh, N.C. My fellow improvisers have all been so supportive of this project by volunteering their time, expertise, and encouragement. The sneak peek is a small way of saying thank you to them and offering the first Q&A with a larger audience. It'll be interesting to show a very serious documentary to a group of people who love comedy. It is a very smart, dynamic crowd.

Work on the film continues. I have to finish adding B roll, tweak the ending, finalize music, and mix sound. When those things are done, we will do color correction. Then we'll work on the trailer and start branding/marketing/communications. We will look into film festival submissions and plan local events, too.

The next six months are going to be one wild ride. I can't stop smiling.

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Anand Rathore said...

Success has one calculation formula. Stop thinking in terms of Limitations and Start thinking in terms of Possibilities.

i have read this somewhere , some time... but after seeing you so close to completion of your film, i can say above lines are true .. you did it with all limitation. as a film maker I know how much devotion , patience and courage one need to make zero budget film.. you are the best..congrats... cheers..