Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Screening with Cast Members

The viewing party from Tuesday, May 10th (from L to R): Camden Watts, director; Todd Tinkham, fellow filmmaker; Surry Roberts, executive producer; Chris McClure, cast member; George Shepard, cast member; Joe Ellington and Adam Shepard, whom have watched the film develop from its infancy; and (not pictured) Sharon Mujica, film festival organizer.

On Tuesday evening a small group of folks gathered to watch the latest cut of Abandoned Allies, including two of our cast members. It was really thrilling to show the film to this group for the first time. It's a work in progress, but we're almost finished.

After the film ended on Tuesday night, we had a series of great conversations. Many of the things that have been bothering me were brought up in these conversations. I'm so grateful to the group for watching the film, and sharing their thoughts about it.

From here, we have a few things left to tidy up and then we're finished. Every day we're getting closer to completion. Stay tuned!

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