Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ignite Durham

Last night I went to Ignite Durham to hear several of my friends give micro presentations, as part of Global Ignite Week 2011. It was a delightful evening of presentations, seeing some of my favorite people, and drinking NC craft beer at FullSteam at the after party.

The folks that organize these events (often using social media tools to mobilize crowds) always impress me. They do such a great job of bringing together fun, intelligent people in an awesome setting (and often with free food, drinks, and prizes). They are such clever folks, and I'm a big fan of what they do.

There's an art to throwing a great party, and hosting an event that pleases as many people as there were last night. Way to go, Ryan Boyles, Jeffrey L. Cohen, Zach Ward! Y'all did a great job. Lisa Sullivan organized the volunteers, and I know she did a great job, too. The evening seemed to run so smoothly from where we sat.

If you want coverage of some of the fun topics covered at last night's event, the lovely and talented Ginny from the Blog has ya covered here.

There were great presentations last night, and I feel quite refreshed and motivated today. Simply put: it was great being around such inspiring folks in one of my favorite theaters. Well done, y'all. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to next year's Ignite.

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