Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recording Session with Bill Leslie

Today we recorded the narration for Abandoned Allies. What a thrill to have this completed!  

Our voice talent is Bill Leslie (@wralbleslie), a talented musician and anchor at WRAL. He is so professional and kind.  We are so lucky to have his voice in our film.  When he started reading today, I literally got goosebumps.  It's wild to watch this project come to life, and take on a life of its own.  What a thrill to hear Mr. Leslie read the narrative script!

Bill Leslie. Photo from WRAL.com.
Greg Elkins, of Desolation Row, recorded the session for us to be sure the audio is of the greatest quality. He hears things I don't, which is great.  You want someone like that on your team, folks.  Let me tell ya.  

I'm so grateful to both of these men for lending us their time and talents. A very special thanks to Sally Smith and Greg Hutchinson for connecting us to such talented people.

With the narration complete, we'll now be one step closer to picture lock.  This means that we have all of the interview clips in order, and they aren't likely to be rearranged again.  (I'm tweaking it to death.)  Once the final cut takes shape, we'll add the music, lower thirds, subtitles, opening segment and end credits.  At that point, it'll start to look more like a finished film than a bunch of talking heads.

Once we finalize the film and submit it to a festival of choice, we can start to work on the things like branding, marketing, communications, event planning and such.  I predict these efforts will start taking shape in early 2011, and am really looking forward to it.

You know how to make a film great?  Work with awe-inspiring people who are kind, professional, smart, and talented.  Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are, but aren't afraid to give you honest criticism.  This, I think, is one of the keys to making films.

What an honor it was to work with our committee of people to make sure the script was right, and all of the folks bringing that script to life.  I'm so grateful to all of the people helping us create Abandoned Allies.

Stay tuned, folks.  This film just keeps getting better.


Anand Rathore said...

congrats... keep shining ...

Brian said...

That's awesome! So exciting.

Camden Watts said...

Thanks, y'all! Yesterday was a really GREAT day! :)