Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giving Credit

Yesterday I worked on the Abandoned Allies closing credits, among other things.  It felt good to check that task off of my list, but the sheer terror of having left someone out is enough to keep me up at nights.  So many talented and kind people have helped us make this film since March 2008 that the closing credits list was four pages long (single spaced).

Today I relayed that information to a friend.  She responded, "Wow. That's almost like a real film!"

Indeed.  Just imagine how long our next production's closing credits will be, if such dreams become reality.  I look forward to having many more people on the team.  There's room for them, for sure.  I want people in charge of photography, audio and editing.  Perhaps a personal assistant or an assistant director.  There's definitely room for many more people to help on the next production, and I'm thrilled about building that team when the time is right.

For now, though, we have a mad dash to the finish line ahead of us.

With the news that I won shovemedia's 30 days of free coworking contest, and will soon start working from Designbox, I feel a renewed sense of energy.  I can't wait to start working there!  

Our team is already gearing up to have the film finished before Thanksgiving so that we can relax and enjoy the holidays.  Not to mention submit Abandoned Allies into the Full Frame film fest.  

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I'm looking forward to having the film finished.  Once we meet that Nov. 30th deadline, we can move our focus to branding, marketing, communications and event planning.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that Abandoned Allies will play at the Full Frame film fest in April 2011.  Wouldn't that be wonderful!  It's a North Carolina production about North Carolinians, produced and directed by a North Carolina native.  I'm such a geek, I know.


Anand Rathore said...

hi, pls keep sharing your day to day experiences. it gives strength to readers who are into film of luck ..

Camden Watts said...

Thanks, Anand! I'll do my best to start posting more, then. :)

Anand Rathore said...

you are welcome.. am writer and independent film maker know..i think your daily diary can be a good help book and motivational story for film students...

Camden Watts said...

You're very kind, Anand. Perhaps if I have any wits left after the film wraps, I just might work in that direction! :) Thanks for the kind words and movitation!

Anand Rathore said...

my pleasure!