Friday, August 6, 2010

Crew Needed Tomorrow AM

North Carolina filmmakers, you're help is needed as Abandoned Allies crew tomorrow morning.  I need three or four people to help as crew at a ground-breaking ceremony in Durham, N.C., starting at 8:00am.  (Yeah, that's early if you've stayed up late but it'll be worthwhile, I promise.)

You don't have to be a pro, but experienced people are preferred.  Here's what I need:
  • Audio guy / gal
    Someone to wear ear phones to make sure the audio I'm getting is great.  Knowledge of lavalier mics, wireless receivers, etc. is helpful but not absolutely necessary.
  • Camera operator
    Someone to make sure the camera is pointing at the right thing at the right time.  Knowledge of an HD camera, tripod, mini-DV tapes, focusing, and composition is best.  I'll bring a light kit, so knowledge about how to set up / break down lights is great, too.
  • Still photographer
    We need lots of stills.  If you have your own DSLR or point-and-shoot, please bring it.  I will bring my own DSLR, but will likely be talking to people which makes it tough to shoot.  Everything should be shot in crazy-high resolution so we can use it in all sorts of places: video, print, etc.
  • Carrying person
    There's a lot of equipment to carry, and it's tough to pack/carry it while talking with people.  Someone that knows how to pack/carry camera equipment safely would be a great help so I can focus on very important conversations.  There's probably a better, more official term than Carrying Person so if you think of one we can use that. :)
The film is a zero-dollar budget one, so we can't pay you for your time; however, from me you will get a big bear hug, eternal gratitude, public thanks, and of course credit in the film.  I wish I could offer you more, my friends!

The event is taking place in Durham, N.C., tomorrrow at 8:30am.  I want to get there early so I can size up the location and think about what to capture.  The event is a ground-breaking ceremony on a Habitat for Humanity home for a Montagnard family, sponsored by Cree.  I'm such a geek about residential construction and energy efficiency, so I'm doubly excited about the event tomorrow. 

If you're able to support as crew, please let me know as soon as possible via email.  Thank you!

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