Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eternal Optimist

It's easy to get down and depressed when watching the news these days.  We get so overwhelmed with the bad news: murder, corruption, environmental disasters, and more.  The list could go on and on.  Especially with research related to Abandoned Allies.

But I'm an eternal optimist.  I even have a laminated certificate to prove it.  (OK, so maybe it's a Silver Lining Award from my Leader In Training counselors at Camp Don Lee, but it still proves it.)

Some how, in some sickening way, I can absorb the worst news and frame it in the most positive light.  It annoys even me.  But when I hear all of the bad news, I see opportunities.  When I see a massive problem that is bigger than me, I, too, get overwhelmed.  But I also see the possibility that a small group of passionate individuals can rise up and take action to make change happen.  What a glorious thing that would be, wouldn't it?

I have hope.  I have faith in mankind.  I believe that good will not let bad take over.  And I know that all things are possible.  Even what seems impossible is possible.

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