Friday, April 2, 2010

That thing that has a name

Destiny?  Divinity?  Whatever you wanna call it, that thing that happens that has a name is really great.  There are moments that feel like pure coincidence...but I stopped believing in that a long time ago.  Very few of those coincidences feel like coincidence, but more like destiny.  It's indescribable when it happens.

Take, for example, the phone call I just experienced.  A series of events led up to the phone call, and it is a rather long story that took place over the course of a few years.  A lot lead up to the phone call that just took place.

This guy, living in some other part of the country, working on something incredibly similar to Abandoned Allies, whom I tried to meet years ago but missed, found me on LinkedIn and sent me an email asking me to call him.  So I did.  The energy on the line was palpable.  We could have talked for hours.  After hanging up the phone I realized it's that thing that has a name (although I don't know what to call it).

There have been moments like this throughout the life of this project.  I have found myself in some pretty memborable situations, some in particular that a young girl traveling alone probably would fear.  Or maybe anyone in their right mind would be apprehensive about or fear.  Yet, the whole thing has this air of protection around it that I feel rather fearless about some of the things.  I don't say yes to just anything or everyone, but on ocassion an opportunity or person comes along that you feel destined to work with, you know?

Nothing is formal just yet, but I hope to meet this fellow filmmaker in person sometime soon.  If things work out, that could very well happen this month.  And that's just like this film to make it happen this month.  I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted.

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