Thursday, March 25, 2010

#TriFilm + TFSIGNC

On Tuesday night about 30 people gathered at RallyPoint Sport Grill in Cary, N.C., for a meet and mingle devoted to people interested in filmmaking.  TriFilm started as an experiment in January 2010, when a few friends and I started talking on Twitter about filmmaker groups.  We set a date, time and location for a chance to talk about filmmaking over beer, and things have grown considerably from there.  (View photos from the first #TriFilm here.)

What I love most about #TriFilm is how organically it has formed.  What started as an experiment continues to keep growing.  It shows that people in the area want and enjoy a chance to mingle and talk about filmmaking.  There's comraderie there. 

For that most recent event Jim McQuaid (@turnipvideo), who manages a group of filmmakers called TFSIGNC, and I joined forces.  I found RallyPoint Sport Grill through a post on Inside919, a ning site for business people in the 919 area code.  When I called about the space, they were very accomadating and said they had a large, private room--something key in my opinion so you can mingle with ease.  Since they had a TV, it was easy for Jim to set up the laptop so people could screen parts of their films in progress. 

Josh Clayton (@JoshClaytonFilm) showed part of his film "The Virgins" at our event, which will premiere Thursday, April 1 at 7pm at Galaxy Cinema in Cary.  Event details can be found here on Facebook.  Christopher G. Moore (@ilikefilms) also premiered part of his film "Bursters" which should be finished quite soon.  You can follow "Bursters" on Twitter: @Bursters.  Both films left me wanting to see more, and I'm stoked about the chance to see them from start to finish.

Wow, I must say how pleased I am with the event.  The evening was a lot of fun!  It seems there are quite a number of filmmaker groups in the area, and I'm thrilled that the community is growing together.  And I can't hide my excitement at the case study it provides for the power of social media, too.  We found the location, promoted the event, shared thoughts, and made connections using social media.  That's a little icing on  the cake for me.  (See the photo of Lisa Sullivan, @LisaSullivan, tweeting at the event below.)

Since the momentum keeps growing, Jim and I are talking about future events.  I'll be sure to keep you posted when something formalizes!  Until then, I hope to see ya'll in person again very soon!  Thank you all for coming, sharing your films, and being such a fun group of people.


Matthew Hayhurst said...

Had a great time! Thanks for all you do for our film community!

Lisa Sullivan said...

Thanks for catching me at my best! ;-)

So glad you clued me in to this opportunity. How cool was it to be amongst such talented people! I feel very blessed to be able to work with you on your film, Camden. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all... and I, too, thank you for all that you are doing for our Triangle film community.

Looking forward to the next event!