Friday, June 26, 2009

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Many people have been asking me questions lately about our documentary film. I have noticed a trend in some of the questions, as they get repeated, and have lately thought this is a great foundation for web content. There are the expected items for any doc film website, but I wanted to generate an FAQ section based on real life interactions, and feedback from my networks online.

Here are the questions most commonly asked:
  • What's the film about?
  • How did you get interested in this topic?
  • How did you start the project?
  • How are you making the film?
  • Who is working on the project with you?
  • What equipment are you using?
  • Where did you get funding?
  • Did you go to Vietnam?
  • Where are you making the film?
As we continue with post-production, interest in the film has been growing significantly. We're committed to finishing is as soon as we can, but at a pace we can handle since it's a bootstrapped effort and many of the team members work full time elsewhere.

So, are there unanswered questions you have had, too?
I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the film via this blog. It'll also help us develop the FAQ section of the website when we get to that stage in the project. As interest grows, I anticipate that the website will need to go live soon (at least a first version before we get the logo, brand, ID, etc. developed and finalized).


Eric Nance Woehler said...

This is very exciting. I am friends with the Montagnards who attend St. Paul's Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Raleigh and have been floored by their stories. Just found your blog today but will now be following it regularly. Thank you for working on the documentary. ...eric :)

Camden Watts said...

Thanks, Eric. The stories have definitely been amazing, and I am so ready to share the movie with the world when it's finished. Happy to connect with you!