Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday's Events

So, I promised you a recap, didn't I? Here we go...

You've already heard about Wednesday's activities. On Thursday I woke up fairly early, and worked from the hotel throughout the day. It was rather uneventful, other than feeling strange to work remotely from a hotel room rather than my own home. That's a first for me. I'm incredibly thankful for my full time job that affords me (side note: a guy just went into the woman's bathroom at the airport!) the luxury of working remotely and traveling. I feel really lucky.

I also drove an hour back into Duluth to pick up a scanner. Had I had my wits about me on Wednesday, I would have picked one up before leaving town. But I haven't lived in a small town since 1999, so I have forgotten what it's like to not have immediate access to what you want. I got a little printer (side note: a woman just went into the ladies while the guy's still in there), and went back to the Inn where I stayed. A fairly uneventful drive, but I got what I needed...or so I thought.

Around 5pm, the Plasters picked me up and we went to Judy's Drift In for a beer. It was the second time I'd been there, and everyone welcomed me like I'd been there forever. I love small towns, where everyone knows your name. (Lady in bathroom said, "Either you're in the wrong one, or I am." Guy exits bathroom and giggles.)

The Plasters showed me around town, we had a bite to eat, and we chatted a bit about life and what keeps us busy. They understand my desire for having more hours in the day. We also confirmed the plans for filming on Friday, and they dropped me off at the Inn again.

That evening I found myself in the quiet room again, alone with my thoughts and Plaster's books. I mentally ran through the next morning: getting ready, packing the car, setting up the equipment, the interview, then scanning his images after that.

(Just got the announcement for my flight.)

I fell asleep around 1am, anxious and excited about the following day's activities and hopeful that I might live up to their expectations. There was much to accomplish the next day, and I knew the hours would disappear all too quickly.

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Paul S said...

What's the scanner for?

Lol @ people watching and unisex restroom mixups.

Hope you had a fun and productive trip.

Welcome home.