Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is an interesting word. It has spawned many famous lines. Tomorrow never dies. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow. Let us not put off to tomorrow what can be done today. Yes, this word, this idea of tomorrow, it is very powerful.

It is a romantic idea, indeed. One that leads us to hope, and gives us permission to dream of what may come. No matter how bad the present may be, we can always think on tomorrow's delight. No matter how poorly we flagged or failed today, we can always try again when the sun rises again. We know that nothing is guaranteed today but we hope like hell that we'll live to see another day--one that is, perhaps, even better than today.

What is it about tomorrow that is so addicting and fascinating? Why do we hang our hats on something that has not yet arrived?

For our country, tomorrow will be a very big day, indeed. Spare me the smear campaigns and slanderous accusations in this election--both locally and nationally. The world is watching, so let us behave like the gentlemen our founding fathers thought we should become. Let us not accept what one person shouts as truth, but seek our own answers. Let us hold our elected officials accountable for their promises while they remain in office, since they will be the face that the world sees instead of our own. Let us be this passionate about politics for the next four years they are in office!

Let tomorrow not begin fading passion about politics. Tomorrow is almost here. Tomorrow is the day the world waits to learn of our decision. Tomorrow is the day that we--once again--learn who will serve as the leader of our nation. Let us be great once again.

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Dayngr said...

Amen! Well said and well written.