Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple Store Training

I've got another training at the Apple store tonight. The first few months were used as introductions on how to use the creative suite: motion, soundtrack, Final Cut Pro, etc. Now we're in the throws of editing my footage from the wedding I shot for the Montagnard bride this summer. I'm excited about working on it while I'm at the store because it gives us a learning tool (that's not the boring sample footage that comes with the software), and because it means I'll be able to give it to her as a gift without taking my focus away from the big picture: finishing the first draft of the film.

The transcriptions have been a huge help, too. We've sent them to the folks we interviewed in hopes of getting comments back from them to help us stay focused on the important details. With over 330 pages of transcribed content, we hope that our interviewees can help us hone in on the very important details.

Our next steps are clear: complete the rest of the transcriptions, create the first draft of the film, share that first draft, and I think everything else after that will move very quickly. My meetings last week with volunteers (Todd, Matt and Emma) were really motivating. I let them know that I'd been sick for a while, but was back in the throws of moving forward. It feels good to have their support.

Surry and I are meeting this week to catch up, and I think that will help a lot too. It's great to have someone to sit down and regroup with, to help me stay focused. There is much to be done, and I feel like we're working in the right direction. Whew! Oh, and I finally got my ticket dropped, which saves me over $100--super exciting!

A great day today, definitely. Even more good things to come!


Paul said...

So glad you're feeling better. battery recharged?

Editing is definitely an art form. Knowing the tricks they'll (hopefully) teach you will make saying what you'd like to say easier.

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

What an interesting project! I have dabbled with short videos for the internet, and keep trying to claw my way up the Final Cut Express curve but continue to default to iMovie, which is just so irritating (destructive editing). My co-worker raves about the Apple Store training; sounds like something I should try.

Looking forward to more posts. Will you be uploading any snippets?